Your Multibagger journey starts Here

Our approach of Value investing has been rewarding for serious long term investors. Let our conviction pave the path of multibaggers for you.

Intrinsic value will not only help you achieve returns in market but we will also develop the long term investing mind set in you.

Who We Are.

Nikhil Gangil is a student of Value investing and comes with 11+ years of experience in the market. His strength is to find well-growing companies at wonderful valuations.
Nikhil believes that if you can cancel your losses, extraordinary CAGRs are the natural and only Outcome.
His thoughts on value investing can be summarized in his motto
“Buying Peace in chaos in Value investing”

"Intrinsic Value Pricing"

HNI Recommendation Service

40000 33789+ 18%GST
(Early bird discount)

39871/- Only

1-yr Subscription


Minimum Capital

1-yr Subscription


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From foundational principles to advanced strategies, these reads offer invaluable insights into the world of finance: 1) A Random Walk Down Wall Street – Burton Malkiel This book will make you a better investor by understanding market efficiency. 2) Liar’s Poker – Michael Lewis This book will make you a better observer of Wall Street

Iran-Israel War & Election Manifesto: How to Pick multibaggers today

Whenever Investors hear War, they hear uncertainity. they predict huge corrections, they think about halting/stopping their investments but is War really a good reason to Panic?? Lets dissect this- While it might seem intuitive to assume that wars would greatly impact financial markets, historical data suggests otherwise. Surprisingly, markets often exhibit resilience and adaptability even

Smallcap- Revive or Crash from here?? Mar 2024

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About .

Nikhil Gangil Founder & Research Analyst
Nikhil Gangil is the founder of Intrinsic Value Equity Research. He is a student of...


Frequently asked questionsCan’t find the answer you’re looking for? Reach out to us at

What is the investing approach.

As a value investors, we look for the opportunities when great businesses go through rough phase. so whenever businesses goes through such period we buy stakes in them at their min intrinsic Value and when they do better and market understands their worth, we sell them at higher valuations, near their Maximum Intrinsic Value. (Refer BLOG LINK to understand the concept of Minimum/Maximum Intrinsic Value)

How much time is long term for you.

Our average holding period is 2.5 yrs, it can vary from 2 to 5 years for individual investments.

I can see two services here. What is the difference?

Recommendation service and Smallcase “Intrinsic value investing Portfolio” are similar as long as investing ideas are concerned, though timing of buying can be different based on product.

Smallcase – “Intrinsic Value Ranking Portfolio” is based on diff strategy of value investing which is purely based on ranking of stocks (more can be read on smallcase website)

What can one expect from the recommendation service?

  1. Research report for companies with their Target buying price.
  2. Total 20-30 business reports can be expected as per opportunities available.
  3. Peaceful long term behavior through thick and thin of market.
  4. Exit reports or calls when the price reaches the Target.

What should not be expected from the service?

  1. Short term/F&O calls
  2. PMS / profit sharing kind of system.
  3. Money management from our side.
  4. Mutual funds/ Bonds/Crypto/NFT related advice.

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