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Nikhil Gangil is a student of Value investing and comes with 11+ years of experience in the market. His strength is to find well-growing companies at wonderful valuations. Our approach of Value investing has been rewarding for serious long term investors. Let our conviction pave the path of multibaggers for you. Intrinsic value will not only help you achieve returns in market but we will also develop the long term investing mind set in you.

Intrinsic Value Pricing

HNI Recommendation Service

40,000 24,000
(Early bird discount)

24,000/- Only

1-Yr Subscription

Case Studies

The securities quoted below are ONLY for illustration purposes and are not recommendations.

Union bank Reco

(Reco Price Rs. 34/share; Status- Exited Rs. 73/share )

Profit - 119%

Mazagon dock

(Reco Price Rs. 266/share; Status- Exited Rs. 2250)

Profit - 745%

Kewal kiran Clothing

(Reco Price Rs. 164/share; Status-Exited Rs. 757/ share)

Profits - 361%

The byke hospitality

(Reco Price Rs. 27.7/share; Status- Exited Rs. 40.2/share)

Profits - 45%


(Reco Price Rs. 231 /share; Status- Exited Rs. 133/share)

Loss - 39%


(Reco Price Rs. 42/share; Current Price Rs. 232)

Returns - 234%

General Insurance

(Reco Price Rs.102/share, Current Price Rs. 402/share)

Returns - 452%

Texmaco rail

(Reco Price Rs. 36/share, Current Price Rs. 197/share)

Returns - 448%

Marathon next gen

(Reco Price Rs. 56/share, Current Price Rs. 489/share)

Returns - 773%

Our portfolio performance

Intrinsic Value Core Portfolio

Quality Companies bought at their Minimum Intrinsic Value- Min Holding Period- 1-1.5 years

Min. Investment


2y Cagr


This is only for directional indication, the actual numbers may vary.

Intrinsic Value Ranking Portfolio

Based on 3-dimensional Intrinsic value Ranking system on a pool of Top 900 companies of stock market

Min. Investment




This is only for directional indication, the actual numbers may vary.

Intrinsic Value Cash King

Cash Rich Companies Preferred amount to be invested more than 4 Lacs

Min. Investment



64.77 %

This is only for directional indication, the actual numbers may vary.



Nikhil is doing a great job in investing, He was associated with us on stockedge social. His stock picking skills are exceptional. I wish him all the best.

Vivek Bajaj
CEO/Founder , Elearn Market/Stockedge

Nikhil’s core recommendation service is doing fabulously well.I wish him all the best.

Amit Kumar Agarwal
Founder and CEO ,

Very good, trying to understand their style.

Tirumala Rao
Businessman , Business

I’m lucky to find this group and founder in very first year of my investment journey. They provide great data of their recommendations though it’s upto us to buy or not. I’m learning from Nikhil through his videos and ideas he share on different platforms . It’s long journey hope me and all of us succeed in the road of financial independence.

Vikram Bhatt
Director , XYZ,Dubai


Deepak Rai
Director , AVM ,Engineering India Pvt. Ltd., Gurugram

Excellent Analyst who has great powers to find the stock when no one thinking about it and wait till it becomes many times the purchase price. 100 percent recommend
Nikhil ji as best advisor if anyone looking to invest in stock markets.

Santosh Kumar
Vice President , Natwest, Hyderabad

Very good. I never had experience of holding a stock with conviction after it is 20% up. With intrinsic value. I see the results of holding a value buy for long term.
Thank you so much.

Harish Gunda
IT Professional , NewEraTech, Hyderabad

The downward risk is hugely protected in the portfolio stocks and we only need to keep riding the winners.

Paul Inasu
Technical Training Superintendent , BSM, Kochi

Awesome work.

Government Employee , Police, Chandigarh

My experience has been great. Really been happy with the advisory service. Best part is there is no panic involved in his style of investing. So really great admirer of his methods and definitely have helped me to make gains.

Sudhanshu Jain
Assistant Vice President , Barclays, Pune

Excellent and Trustworthy.

Doctor , Dr. Agarwal Eye Hospital

My experience with intrinsic Value so far has been very satisfactory in whatever services offered by them I opted for. The team led by Nikhil is responsive and take necessary action to fulfill the requirements. The quality of research is also good though I have not invested in their all calls yet fully as I joined late there service is really good. I wish there would be more such service like that in future.

Dr. Sarang Pandit
Professional , Samvedna Neuropsychiatry Clinic, Jabalpur

Excellent. Portfolio is running at 45% XIRR. Got 100% returns in a stock for the first time in my life.
Nikhil is also prompt with doubt and query resolution.

Suvajit Mukhopadhyay
Suvajit Mukhopadhyay , UNO Bank, Kolkata

Fantastic and valuable for me.

Lokesh Kumar
Inspector , Central Government ,Chennai

Made good amount of money.

Nirbhay Chand Tiwary
Structural Engineer , NPCC ENGG LTD, Mumbai

1 year experience with founder Mr. Nikhil Gangil, he has excellent domain knowledge and knows how things go work in market. Really appreciative and recommended.

Ajay Gupta
Senior Manage , HDFC Bank, Pune

I am associated with Nikhil for the last 1.5 years.

Software Architect , Danske Bank, Bangalore

I came across IVI and Nikhil about an year ago through social media. It has been a great learning experience. Would surely continue my association with IVI and the team for the future too.

Dr. Shiraj Sherasia
NDDB, Gujarat

Intrinsic Value has been a rich source of information and guidance on the concept of value investing. I have been associated with the founders from almost two years now and have been satisfied with the outcome specially in the volatile phase of initial Covid outbreak.

Akshay Tiwary
Senior Project Engineer , McDermott International. Dubai

Intrinsic Value team is doing a fantastic job in Value investing.
Most of the Stocks are doing exceptionally better than the so called “Hot Stocks”. The approach is simple and easy to understand, even for beginners like me. Would definitely recommend everyone to subscribe and enjoy wealth creation.

Anuraj Sharma
Operations Manager , Amazon, Gurugram

Frequently asked questions

All your questions answered

What is our investing approach?

As a value investors, we look for the opportunities when great businesses go through rough phase. so whenever businesses goes through such period we buy stakes in them at their min intrinsic Value and when they do better and market understands their worth, we sell them at higher valuations, near their Maximum Intrinsic Value. (Refer BLOG LINK to understand the concept of Minimum/Maximum Intrinsic Value)

How much time is long term for you?

Our average holding period is 2.5 yrs, it can vary from 2 to 5 years for individual investments.

What can one expect from the recommendation service?
  1. Research report for companies with their Target buying price.
  2. Total 20-30 business reports can be expected as per opportunities available.
  3. Peaceful long term behavior through thick and thin of market.
  4. Exit reports or calls when the price reaches the Target.
What should not be expected from the service?
  1. Short term/F&O calls
  2. PMS / profit sharing kind of system.
  3. Money management from our side.
  4. Mutual funds/ Bonds/Crypto/NFT related advice.